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220 Below Identity

Whole-body cryotherapy is the process of subjecting your body to extremely low temperatures (as in about -220 degrees!).  As your body warms up, enriched blood flows back through the body aiding athletic recovery, muscle repair, chronic pain and inflammation, and more.

Album partnered with 220 Below to establish their brand strategy and identity.  After a deep dive on brand positioning, a strategic brief was developed and our explorative logo process led us to a simple, integrated mark.

220 below logo
220 below brand guidelines

Color Palette

220 below brand color palette

Branded Patterns

220 below brand geometric patterns

A balanced color palette of cool and warm colors were selected, with a dominant emerald green as the frontrunner.  We designed 4 unique branded patterns, inspired by temperature arrows and the degree symbol, that provide personality and reinforce the spirit of cold.  Branded collateral and apparel followed.

220 below branded brochure
220 below branded brochure
220 below branded collateral
220 below branded drawstring bag