Bringing customer service to your social media strategy

Bringing customer service to your social media strategy

It’s well known that social media can do wonders for a brand. Many businesses have at least a Facebook page, if not also Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Yelp, among others. These are great ways to promote brands, yet so many don’t take full advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Setting up profiles on social media sites and posting interesting things is just the first step. The key to truly getting the most out of your social media strategy is to have an actual conversation with your customers. Build a relationship with them by being responsive, engaging, and appreciative.

For example, if someone tweets your company on Twitter just to say they love your product, take this opportunity to thank them and learn more. Ask questions – find out how your product fits into their lives and what improvements they’d like to see. Get to know them and strengthen the personal connection they have with your brand. At the same time, get some free market research!

Or maybe you’re in the restaurant business and someone posted a negative review on Yelp. This is obviously not an ideal scenario, but it can be turned into a huge positive if given the proper attention. Post a genuine and empathetic reply expressing regret for disappointing them, then ask that they give you another chance to prove yourselves. Not only will the person who posted the review feel heard and appreciated, but potential new customers will see how much you care about their satisfaction. Don’t just respond to negative reviews, though! Make it a point to connect with everyone who takes the time to post a comment. Even the most loyal happy customers will feel more valued when you give them some of your attention.

Looking at social media from a customer service perspective can give your brand so much more value than just using it as a marketing tool. Organizations that are dedicated to participating in online discussions about their brand will build a devoted fanbase and gain an invaluable advantage over competitors.