Gold & Blue Veterinary Wellness

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Gold & Blue Veterinary Wellness

Gold & Blue is not like other veterinary hospitals, on purpose. They concentrate on proactive wellness instead of reactive treatment. Their priority is the health and happiness of not only your pet, but your entire household.

Album partnered with Gold & Blue in its initial development stages to establish their brand strategy and identity. We learned about the company’s vision to make veterinary care a proactive, enjoyable experience and we developed a strategic brand brief to serve as the brand foundation. This strategy evolved into a brand identity, complete with a logo exploration and style guide.

Logo Concept Exploration

Animal Wellness logo concepts

Final Logo

Gold and Blue Veterinary Wellness logo design

The chosen logo design combines Gold & Blue’s brand values of quality and integrity, along with their approachable, progressive personality. The dog and cat icons offer an element of playfulness as well as functional versatility.


gold and blue logo applications

As branding enthusiasts, we always enjoy working with a client who believes in good design and embraces the details. And, as animal lovers, we were stoked to get behind their mission to empower active, healthy lifestyles for pets and humans alike.

Color Palette and Photographic Style

gold and blue brand development