Huntington Bay Club Identity

Huntington Logo Refresh

Huntington Bay Club Identity

Change is in the salty air.  With a rich history and decades of social gatherings, Huntington Bay Club has seen many faces. This one is worth celebrating.

Album was hired to refresh the brand.  First, we simplified the name by removing “Harbor” from Huntington Harbor Bay Club — a word that doesn’t add additional value and has been spelled with and without a “u” (“Harbour”) over the years.  This change puts the emphasis on Huntington — a city with an overwhelmingly positive brand.

To pay homage to the past and bring the brand to current standards, we designed a custom script logo that is timeless and versatile. Versatile because it says sophistication and fun at the same time — it doesn’t look too formal or informal, and it’s completely unique to them.

Logo Process

Huntington Bay Club Logo Concepts
Huntington Bay Club Logo

The colors are inspired by the ocean.  Soft, subtle blues are contrasted by a vibrant salmon orange.  They help to communicate coastal tranquility for weddings and formal events, but have enough energy and personality for more festive gatherings.

Huntington Bay Club Branding
Huntington Bay Club brand colors
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