After years of building other brands, it was time to build our own. Album Surf was born from a passion of surfing, and the creativity and craftsmanship that make it possible.

album surfboards logo icon


As Album Agency took off in 2002, co-founder Matt Parker was already a year-deep into a newfound hobby — surfboard shaping. It was a rewarding creative outlet and a functional way to have just the right boards for southern Orange County waves. It didn’t take long for others to take notice. The custom board orders started trickling in. Friends placed orders, then friends of friends.  Before long, the orders were flowing.

shaper Matt Parker of Album Surfboards

We had something: Positive customer reactions that make brand-building effective and fun. Building a surf brand was inevitable, so we began applying and validating our own agency processes. While Matt pivoted to focus on board design and production, our creative team provided support when possible.  We built email campaigns, designed creative assets for events, ran the @albumsurf Instagram account and more.  It was a whirlwind effort, with Matt hustling late into the night to design and fulfill board orders.  It’s been a lot of work, but when surfing is your passion it’s hard to call it work.

Album front window reflecting Miramar Theater
album surfboards production facility
Album Agency Surfboards
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Album surfboards retail shop with custom sliding doors
Album brand shirt and hat
Album Surf showroom
Album Surfboards van at San Clemente headquarters


Album Surf now has a dedicated staff.  Beautiful boards and an authentic grassroots approach has led to a growing customer base from around the world. From our flagship showroom in San Clemente we ship surfboards and apparel to Japan, Italy, Tahiti, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, and many more exotic places. And we’re just getting started!

shaper Matt Parker doing cutback at Upper Trestles
Album Surf delivery van