“Right from the Start” Brand Campaign

Cambro campaign logo

“Right from the Start” Brand Campaign

Since 1951, Cambro has been a trusted leader in the food service industry. From a single factory in California, Cambro has grown into an international presence with production facilities and sales offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Although Cambro has successfully expanded into a recognizable global brand, they’re still very committed to helping and supporting small businesses that have a similar story to their own. Having partnered with Album on previous large-scale brand campaigns, they asked us to drive the strategy and creative for their upcoming “Right from the Start” national marketing campaign — targeted at independent restaurateurs, caterers and franchisees.

For the campaign identity we went with a rustic hand-drawn typeface with a fun and lively aesthetic to help differentiate it from Cambro’s more corporate-focused brand campaigns. It was essential for this campaign and its deliverables to stand on its own with a unique look and feel that would resonate with the entrepreneurial spirit of the audience.

At the core of the campaign was a brochure that featured Cambro “starter” products. We introduced a wood texture and used a mix of nostalgic and current images to combine a traditional and modern aesthetic. This represented the evolution of a business and the need to build a solid foundation. We also created visual infographic stories to help break up the text and make the content more attractive to draw in the audience.

Right from the start logo for Cambro
small business brochure for Cambro
Specialty business brochure for Cambro