White Lion Labs Branding

White Lion identity overview

White Lion Labs Branding

White Lion Labs is the brainchild of Adam Capistrant, an established guru of all things health and muscle-building performance.  He has spent years testing other products and building his own with careful consideration for healthy, effective, high quality ingredients — regardless of the cost.  This obsessive and never-ending approach for greatness is paramount.  Album was hired to build a health brand positioning strategy, refresh their logo and build a brand identity around it.  Then we established the supplement branding with unique product packaging and an e-commerce site to sell it.

Logo Refresh

White Lion Labs logo

All the main components of the logo were already in place and White Lion wanted to keep it largely unchanged.  But to improve the scalability and overall balance, we simplified the lion face, and then resized and centered the text.

Packaging Design

For the individual supplement branding we designed a brand packaging system with different colors for each product, while maintaining uniformity in layout and style.  Each one emphasizes the product name, servings count and key ingredients on the back. The labeling uses foil printing (not shown in these renderings) to emphasize the color and establish a more premium look.

Product design for White Lion Labs

Website Design

The White Lion Labs website is a small website with big intentions.  The goal: keep it simple, focus on health and sell supplements.  We took advantage of small opportunities on the home page and about page to infuse brand messages.

White Labs home page design
White Labs health messaging