Dallien Branding

Dallien branding case study

Dallien Branding

Dallien Realty is a New-York-based boutique residential brokerage firm.  As fans of our surf brand Album Surf, they knew we were the right fit when they realized we ran a branding agency.  The goal was to not look like other brokerage groups, but bring a fresh, young vibe.  One that would attract their 20-something demographic and help them hire and retain internal talent.

Logo Concept Exploration

Dallien logo concepts

Album brought several ideas to the table through our logo development process.  We steered Dallien to choose a logo concept that was simple but dynamic, then rounded out the identity with a unique color palette and photographic style.

Final Logo

Dallien New York logo

Color Palette and Web Platform

Dallien brand colors
Dallien website

Application Design

The core part of this branding assignment was to design all the pages for a web-based application that allows users to research available residences in the New York area (and eventually beyond).  We focused on a map-based approach with filtering to simplify the result.  Each residence detail page holds over a hundred pieces of data that needed to be organized in a simple layout for the user.

Dallien.com about page
Dallien map page
Dallien.com info page