ONDA Brand Positioning

ONDA Brand Positioning

ONDA approached Album for advice on their brand strategy and positioning. Using our Brand Tuning process we identified gaps in who they were targeting and inconsistencies in their image and message. With the help of social media we uncovered the market perception of their initial product to be too childish and cheaply constructed.

The Answer?

Sell the lifestyle before the product. We started first with simplifying the logo to a black and white palette and refining the shape of the type. This brought maturity and a timeless element to the brand, allowing the focus to turn to the lifestyle and product branding. We then introduced new typography and a secondary color palette, using black as the primary backdrop for the cool factor. Next, we curated the appropriate brand lifestyle images and discarded all others.

These visual changes alone increased visitor duration on their website and sparked curiosity in social outlets. We’re currently finalizing new packaging, a complete website overhaul, and managing an advertising campaign strategy we proposed.

Onda boards old branding
Onda boards new branding