After decades of perfecting sandwiches, curating craft beer, and sporting their signature retro vibe, it was finally time for Board & Brew to share the love across Southern CA.


With big plans to expand via a franchise offering, Board & Brew enlisted Album.  We dialed in their brand positioning and brand identity, and then overhauled all branded collateral offline and online. We delved into Board & Brew’s past history and discussed their future goals. At the end of our comprehensive Brand Tuning process, we had identified their core offerings, target audience, value proposition, and much more. We then established strong visual guidelines for their logo, color palette, and typography.

sandwich wrap design for Board & Brew


The menu was completely redesigned to improve the user experience, legibility and more prominent branding. Cups, sandwich wraps and in-store promotional materials followed. Album identified three goals for a new website: Develop a structure that will accommodate all current and future Board & Brew locations, support the franchising model that will drive the chain’s growth, and capture the unique personality that sets Board & Brew apart from generic sandwich shops across the country. The result is a cohesive home on the web that gives hungry customers what they need to find locations, view the menu and order food. And with an optimized experience for mobile users, dedicated fans can get their Board & Brew fix on the go.


With more than 10 locations and many more in the works, the Board & Brew brand has proven successful. Customers love the consistent taste and brand experience at each location across the Southland.

Board & Brew menu design
Board & Brew takeout menu design