When all you have is a brand with a vision and you secure the biggest consumer company in Cupertino as your first client, you understand the power of branding.


Crossover’s vision to fundamentally transform the health care system is bold, but believable. They build, staff, and manage health centers for large employers and provide all the enabling technology to make it easy for members to activate and engage.

Early on when healthcare branding was largely ignored in the industry, Crossover banked on it. When they had the opportunity to bid on a contract with Apple, they were barely getting started with 3 employees and a half-built health center.  So how’d they do it? In essence, they said: “You’ll pick us if you stay true to your own brand.” Album played a key creative role in a beautifully crafted RFP response, a promising presentation and a few more fun surprises — exactly what we would expect from one of the most consumer-friendly brands in the world.  Needless to say, they won. And it sent them on an unparalleled trajectory when the word got out.


“We’ve worked with Album since the very beginning. With their help, we won our first client contract with Apple. While at Apple, Album developed a patient portal that their own design team said: “This is by far the best third party application we have ever seen. It is super clean, well laid out, and we have nothing to add other than to say great job!”

I have personally worked directly with Album and have probably signed 20-25 contracts with them for various projects. They are completely upstanding, always reasonable and fair, deliver as promised, and fully accommodating to the highly dynamic nature of our business. We truly consider them a partner in our work and a key component of our success.”

Scott Shreeve, MD
CEO, Crossover Health


For more than a decade, Album has been the dedicated branding and creative agency for Crossover Health. We’ve guided their brand strategy as they’ve exploded from one employee to 500+ employees.

We’ve helped them launch and promote their services to Facebook, Comcast, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Intuit, Broadcom, Western Digital and many more.  With a brand-centric approach, we’ve built campaigns, promoted and branded large events, built and maintained their websites, and completed hundreds of other assignments to support their growth.

Crossover Health website screenshots
Crossover Health book cover


Among the many creative projects we’ve led, perhaps the most fun and rewarding has been the creation of unique artwork for each of Crossover’s health centers.  We provide each center with a location-specific theme, relevant room names, and uniquely illustrated art and room placards.  Here are a few examples.

Center artwork in New York inspired by pop art and the nearby statues of south Central Park.

Artwork for the center in Sunnyvale, the birthplace of Atari. With a Crossover spin, of course.


Motivating people to care about their health is no easy task.  Using campaigns and creative approaches, we’ve brought a fresh approach to an otherwise serious and stale subject matter.

illustrations for Crossover Health
illustration for heart health campaign