Everyone knows WD as a powerhouse brand of storage devices. But when they set a goal for a healthier and more productive workforce, branding was still at the heart.


Following a pattern of technology innovation established decades ago, WD embarked on a comprehensive quest to inspire employees to elevate their individual wellness. Album was hired to create an entirely new wellness brand that united all existing health and wellness programs and benefits for both WD and HGST (a wholly owned subsidiary). But also a brand that would inspire and motivate individuals to change.

Once we had a strategic brand platform in place, it was our honor to name the new brand. Hundreds of names were explored, with Drive Wellness coming out on top. The name (both a noun and a verb) perfectly aligned with what they’re known for most, while simultaneously acting as a dynamic action verb paired with “wellness”. Further, we converted DRIVE into an inspiring and relevant acronym (Dedicate, Renew, Improve, Vitalize, Engage), to be used as a foundation for self-motivating content. A logo and identity were designed to appeal specifically to WD’s employee base.

Drive Wellness logo process
Drive Wellness brand color palette


When Album teamed up with our client Crossover Health, WD employees were leaving the campus for offsite health care. Only a few of them were participating in existing exercise and wellness programs. Within 6 months, the numbers were astounding.

reduction in costs from outside providers0%
employees using on-site primary care0%
waited less than 5 min. to be seen0%
Drive Wellness poster for Western Digital