Importance of a USP

Importance of a USP

The commercial above does a GREAT job of pointing out their USP, and in a funny way to boot. Can you find the USP? (answer below)

Yahoo! is re-branding. Many products and services are in dire need to do the same. But why?

One of the most important things you can communicate to your potential customers and clients is how you can help them. How can you make their world easier? It also helps if your message looks good. Whether you’re only interested in a particular part of advertising or are looking into a revamped marketing strategy as a whole, you need to make sure that your product, your service, your unique selling point is pushed into the spotlight.

(Unique Selling Point: the main thing you have and can offer your clients that no one else in your industry has or can offer)

For example, one of Album’s USP is Confidence. While other items are important, our clients know that they will receive the best service, product, and help possible. We are dedicated to only launching/releasing the best work possible.

USP answer: Old Spice has an infamous smell that has been popular for generations.