With so many gloves overheating the outdoor industry, lifestyle branding helps position this startup as something more than just gloves that free your fingers.


FRDM is a lifestyle glove brand the caters to outdoor enthusiasts who need quick access to their hands and fingers. Album was brought in at its infancy to develop the strategic platform and find an available brand name that would appeal to their outdoorsy target audience. Following our process, we selected the name “FRDM” as it aligned perfectly with the needs of their audience, as well as the brand’s promise: to provide maximum accessibility to your hands with style, protection and warmth.

Next up, we dialed in their brand identity system. The foundation of the identity is an inverted logo with an “F” icon and text that is always knocked out to allow the background to show through. When overlaid on lifestyle photography, the color, feeling, and emotion provided by the photos are experienced through the lens of the “FRDM” logo or “F” icon.

A style guide was produced to define the full identity system, including brand colors, fonts, textures, and a specific photographic style.

FRDM Gloves logo exploration

Final Logo

FRDM logo
FRDM Gloves color palette by Album Agency


With all the foundational brand elements defined, we knew we needed epic lifestyle imagery and an artsy brand video to bring the story to life. After a full 2-day shoot outside of Mammoth Lakes, we had everything needed to launch on Kickstarter.

After the project was successfully funded in late 2017, we built, designed, and launched a fully responsive e-commerce website with activity-based landing pages to enhance the user experience. We then developed all the collateral, consulted on the unboxing experience, and jumpstarted their social media presence.

FRDM Gloves website screenshot
FRDM Gloves collateral design
FRDM Gloves bifold layout